Dr. Tina Alidad

Concierge Consultant Pharmacist in Los Angeles

Dr. Tina Alidad attended University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy in Northern California where she received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She also holds an Advanced Practice Pharmacist license which allows her to be more involved in patient care. She has been doing pharmacy related work for 10+ years and has experience in various settings of pharmacy. Through these years of experience she has consulted many patients in these various settings. As her relationships with physicians grew into being their go-to pharmacist and patients requested her for thorough medication consults, Thrive Rx Consulting was created to meet these needs for both patients and physicians.

“I truly enjoy consulting and educating patients through assessing their medication regimens to optimize safety and efficacy so that they may thrive in their daily lives. Through my practice as a pharmacist, I noticed a deficiency that was present- patients were going to appointments , being prescribed medications, but lacking in adherence to these medications. This is because there is currently a gap, the medication education required to to empower patients is missing. Every patient and physician can greatly benefit from teaming up with a knowledgeable pharmacist.”

On her free time Dr. Alidad enjoys exercising, eating healthy and nutritious foods, trying different restaurants in Los Angeles, traveling, going to the beach, and leading an overall active lifestyle with her husband.