Knowledge is Power

Are you finding it difficult to organize your medication regimen and remember what all your medications are for?

Are you seeing multiple doctors?

Do you wonder if all your doctors know all the medications you are taking and whether they are interacting with each other?

Imagine if you had a personal pharmacist that knows your entire medication list and can help you manage your medications…

You (or your loved one) would benefit from a personal pharmacist if you:

Are newly diagnosed with a chronic condition

Have multiple doctors

Have had a recent hospitalization

Are taking 4+ medications

Experienced a major side effect from a medication

Struggle to pay for your medications

Want to decrease the number of medications you are currently taking

Your personal pharmacist can help explain:

The medications you’re taking and how they help improve your health condition(s)

Which medications can and cannot be taken together

The optimal time to take certain medications

Possible side effects and drug interactions of medications

Necessary supplementation/nutrient depleting medications

Lifestyle changes relevant to your health condition(s)

Which medications you may be able to eliminate

Work with your personal pharmacist today to both optimize your medication regimen and better understand your medications!