According to the World Health Organization, nonadherence is responsible for about 50% of medication therapy failures, about 125,000 deaths, and nearly 25% of hospitalizations each year in the United States. An adherence rate of 80% or more is necessary for optimal medication efficacy. The current adherence rate estimated for chronic medications is about 50%.

An enhanced understanding of medications will ultimately lead to an improvement in adherence and as a result an improvement in physician’s quality measures. Many physicians have only a few minutes to spend with their patients, let the pharmacist supplement your appointments by taking care of patient’s medication related problems and questions.

The pharmacist would ensure they or their caregivers completely understand:

  • How the medication works to improve their disease state
  • Possible side effects
  • Possible drug interactions and how they can be avoided
  • Lifestyle changes to help improve their disease state(s)

Imagine if you had a pharmacist on your team to coordinate with patients providing Comprehensive Medication Management that RESULTED IN:

Maximizing your profitability and productivity by:

Increasing CMS Star ratings and HEDIS scores

Decreasing hospitalizations and readmissions

Increasing patient satisfaction and adherence

Achieving better MIPS scores and quality benchmarks

Billing for higher E/M codes in a ‘co-visit’ model

According to the JAPhA, “a pharmacist-physician covisit can generate an estimated ADDITIONAL $158,291 in annual revenue when compared to a traditional (physician only visit) model.”

Consultant Pharmacists assist providers in a more efficient and profitable workflow by:

Increasing quality-related reimbursements and bonuses

Freeing up time for more profitable visits

Saving time researching medication-related questions

Lessening provider burnout

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Below are some of the Pharmacist provided services, however, services can be tailored to the physician’s specific needs.

Our Services

1.) Medication Therapy Management
2.) Chronic Care Management
3.) Annual Wellness Visit
4.) Follow-up Calls With Newly Diagnosed Patients
5.) Refill Assistance
6.) Prior Authorization Assistance
7.) Pharmacogenomic Testing
8.) Hospitalization Discharge Follow-up
9.) Smoking Cessation
10.) Dietary Supplements Consultation
11.) Nutrigenomics Testing
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